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Savita Halappanavar

In the matter of Savita Halappanavar's recent death in an Irish hospital please read the following before making rash judgements on the matter:



I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I recognise state mandated murder when I see it. That's not a rash statement- it's a sad and sorry fact and I am ashamed today to bear the name Christian. Deeply ashamed.
How do millions across the world know the facts in this case when neither the Irish Government, medical consultants, doctors, newspapers, know them?
her family (parents, husband) who presumably were intimately involved in knowing the details of her (lack of) care have all spoken out.
Agreed. By all accounts, it was a pretty clear-cut case, medically.

Whether the woman would have lived had appropriate treatment finally been given at any particular point after the initial uunconscionable delay is an open question, though the earlier the doctors heeded their oaths and obligations, the better her chances would have been.

As is, the hospital and doctors instead guaranteed the death of both mother and child. It is not the first time; it probably will not be the last. But it is a great and lasting shame and scandal -- and rightfully should lead to policy changes (long overdue)„ an administrative shakeup, and prison time or at the very least revoking of licensure for those most directly responsible.

No one and no compensation can replace the wife who was taken from the husband, but I hope and pray that, at an absolute minimum, a heavy financial burden will be imposed on both the hospital and the nation that sanctioned and sanction such malfeasance.

In continuing to read what is coming out about the case, it gets worse- it seems there was more than an element of racism in play too. Since one of my closest friends is a Hindu woman, originally from southern India, this makes me very angry indeed.
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The medical facts seem very simple and not in dispute. Mrs Halappanavar started to miscarry and (according to a blog post I read this morning, written by a gynaecologist), the treatment options were clear and were not followed.

If, as the article says, there was actually no law preventing the termination of the pregnancy, then it was either medical malpractice due to the doctor's incompetence or deliberate refusal to terminate a pregnancy on personal religious grounds, which in my view would lead to a charge of manslaughter.
PS Here is the link to the blog post which explains clearly what should have happened in these circumstances.

I should hope that the Irish government and medical establishment and media ate not truly so ill-informed. This reads much more like the opening statement if a defense attorney -- appropriate enough. as at least one life has been taken untimely.
The BBC had a very detailed take apart of the case.

Not meaning to be angry at you, but you're a guy, this writer's a guy and this very definitely is not about guys. You may have noticed a lot of very angry women (and even one or two very angry guys) commenting on my blog.

I say again- cold blooded state mandated murder as efficient as if they'd put a pistol to her head and pulled the trigger.
All I'm saying is that no formal details are as yet available. Vox populi can be dangerous at times.
The details are very much out there- there's no excuse for the hospital and no excuse for its staff and certainly no excuse for a state that despises the rights of the female sex and flies in the face of the laws of the EU of which it claims membership!

This is the stuff of the worst sort of tinpot tyranny, not a developed western nation.
The writer isn't just "a guy". He's one of those radical "pro-life" people who is good at rhetoric, but far from a trustworthy source.
Also, and apparently in front of witnesses other than the husband, he was told that no abortion was possible because "this is a Catholic country."

Her cervix was open for almost twenty four hours, laying her open to infection.

The Irish Government is already in defiance of the European Court of Human Rghts over its abortion laws.
It didn't just lay her open to infection- she died of massive septicaemia.
Of course.

But the reason she died of massive septicaemia was (probably) that her cervix was open during the miscarriage for a period that would have triggered intervention at any decent hospital elsewhere in Europe.

And I hope the husband sues the asses off them.


I hope he finds the strength and courage to drag the Irish government back to the ECtHR too and that this time, they enforce.

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