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God be with a fist of grass!

judoDear Judo100,

I have been reading (and very much enjoying) your back posts for November. Thank you for them. I found your watercolours fascinating, recognised your brother, and was really bowled over by your photo and description of the mod toilet in the Japanese restaurant! May I reproduce it here for my readers?

The control panel for the toilet at the Japanese restaurant. (Click to enlarge)

The idea is that you don't actually handle the toilet at all, the seat opens by using the controls, flushes itself according to your selected wishes, puts the seat cover down, and heats the seat for the next person. Who would be without one of these apps? And I thought en suites were the last word in toilets and showers!



Think I'll stick to the bidet, thanks.
Glad you've been enjoying my posts!

Feel free to use the toilet control panel photo if you need it for something. I was blown away by it, although I was scared to death to touch anything on it!!