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Bond, James Bond

Pierce Brosnan

The James Bond film, Skyfall, has been running in our local Omniplex 8 screen digital cinema for the last 6/7 weeks with 5 showings per day. Not being a film buff I have not been to see the film (yet) but each time I pass the cinema I am amazed at the huge number of cars parked outside. Most of those attending, I'm sure, are there to see the Skyfall film.

Daniel Craig is playing James Bond in these modern adventures of his and I understand he does it excellently well.

But my own personal interest in Bond is because Pierce Brosnan is a relation of mine. My mother (Rose Costello) and Pierce's grandmother (Jane Costello), were sisters from outside Portarlington in County Laois. Pierce starred in Golden Eye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World is not Enough (1999), and Die Another Day (2002).


I think that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever, by which I mean that he is the Bond most true to the original books. Before Craig though, I did rather like the Pierce Brosnan version. I've enjoyed his performances in one or two other films as well, including "Mama Mia". I know he can't sing, but it didn't really matter!
I'm sorry, but his "singing" was so bad in "Mama Mia" that it turned me off the whole movie. He looked and sounded like a braying donkey.

Other than that, I really like him in movies, including his Bond movies. He just never never needs to "sing" again!
Having seen 'Mama Mia', I agree he certainly can't sing.
As I say, I haven't seen Skyfall, but I understand that it is of our day and that 'M' is a woman. Fancy that.
Well, ooohhh, related to Pierce Brosnan, are we? He's sexy as anything! Does it run in the whole family?
Of course it does. That's why I don't have a user pic!
Isn't that wonderful! Such a small world.
Unfortunately there is little contact between us. I'm afraid we live in different worlds.
Wow! How neat! I first saw Pierce Brosnan in Remington Steele, and even at that point thought he'd make a great James Bond. I loved him in the remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair too.

Never saw that one.
I've loved Brosnan since Remington Steele, so I'm very tickled by this! I don't love all the Brosnan Bonds, but Golden Eye is lovely, and he plays very well off of Sean Bean.
I'm afraid he's married and all!
Alas, it's true I don't really have a shot with him!
Skyfall is the first Bond movie that I've watched all the way through - I was lured with a trip to the Imax to see it. I agree with many other people, it really was a very good movie.

From the above I've not seen Mr Brosnan as Bond, but I do love Mama Mia, even his singing, he looks so wonderfully human about it.
Therre's no accounting for taste!!