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Guinness Book of Records

Castlebridge ConservatoryAbout 3 miles from me here in Wexford is a little village called Castlebridge. In it is a derelict iron conservatory, built in 1814, which the Council has finally agreed to renovate (if it is not too late - see photo).

In the 17th cent the land around the village was given by Cromwell to the wealthy Nunn and Breen families who turned it into a centre for malting and beer production. The Breens had a great interest in flowers and plants of all kinds and it was they who had this magnificent conservatory built by Pierce's Ironworks in Wexford. The Nunn/Breen breweries were later taken over by Guinness and here in Castlebridge the three families used gather socially to organize grouse shooting parties on the Wexford North Slobs nearby.  

In 1951 a shooting party staying at the Castlebridge House argued about which was the fastest game bird. The result of this was the commissioning of the McWhirters to produce the well-known Guinness Book of Records.

I hope the restoration of the Castlebridge Conservatory won't find its way into it as the longest time to restore something!

BTW The fastest game bird is the snipe. It can fly a lot faster than any other bird from place to the shooting range limit. The fastest bird is the Peregrine Falcon in a hunting dive (200 mph).


That old conservatory will look wonderful when restored. Even now, it's the very sort of thing my camera would come out for!

An old friend of mine bears the name Nunn- a great name given her occupation- she's a minister in the C of E.

Wexford North Slobs conjures up some wonderful images of a bunch of deadbeats going hunting. :o)
200 out of 1000 hectares of reclaimed land in the area is a nature reserve that is jointly owned and managed by BirdWatch Ireland and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The North Slob provides the winter home for 10,000 White-Fronted geese, about one third of the world population, which migrate to Greenland for the summer months.

Thank you for posting this. I always wondered if the Guinness World Book of Records was in any way related to that frothy goodness that I am known to consume by the pint in any public drinking establishment that I may visit.
I wonder if you can find out what is the greatest number of pints ever taken by one man at one session?
If they do, it will probably be a MacIntosh. :-)
Thank you for the historical tidbits! The conservatory really is spectacular, even now.
I'm sure the final result will be good. We do things well in Wexford!