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What is going on?

Lara BurnsWhat is bothering our children that we don’t know about?”  Lara Burns Gibbs (12) from Kildare is the third young girl who took her own life in Ireland in recent weeks. Her devastated family waked her in her home today. Lara had a loving family, she had hobbies, she did not appear to have been bullied in or out of school. It is just absolutely tragic. She was just a child with so much life to live. 

Two other young girls, Erin Gallagher (13) from Donegal and Ciara Pugsley (15) from Co Leitrim have also ended their own lives since the end of October. There is an urgent need to tackle the issue of prevention. Why is this happening?


Tragic :o(

'she did not appear to have been bullied'

There you may be on to something- nor did I but, I was, nonetheless, going through a secret hell of bullying and abuse.
Erin Gallagher (13) was certainly being cyber-bullied - is that what it is called?
Yes I know the term and it's every bit as bad as 'in yer face' bullying! In some ways more insidious and nasty because there's nothing you can do about it.

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It's a hard age, and throwing teens together in age-segregated /g/h/e/t/t/o/s/ schools doesn't make it any less fraught.
It must be a terrible blow for parents who have to suffer the loss - but terrible fear and worry for all parents.
What often makes it more difficult for survivors, I think, is that having made his or her decision, the suicide-to-be often is more cheerful and relaxed in his/her final days. That can make for good memories, but it also increases the shock.
It's true.

I came close to it myself, but decided to cut and run instead. That cost me in all sorts of ways, but probably saved my life.
Glad you made it through.
Sadly it always has happened, you know. I myself at the age of 15 tried to take my life. I had a great family, etc., but I was at the time undiagnosed with what was then manic depression but is now bi-polar disorder II. Fortunately, I didn't succeed, but it took decades before the right meds came along. Unfortunately things like depression are still seen as some kind of moral weakness and no one wants to face the issue in their own family or even talk about it if it's their own problem.

And being trans on top of the things I mentioned above didn't exactly make any of it easier either. It was perceived as another 'moral weakness' as you put it...........
So sorry for you. It was great you managed to overcome it at the time. God bless you and all who find themselves in the same boat.