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The Ronettes

ronettesDid you ever hear of The Ronettes? If you did you're showing your age!

The Ronettes were a 1960's girl group from New York City. Their most famous songs include "Be My Baby",  "Baby, I Love You", and "Walking in the Rain". The lead singer was Ronette Bennet who married Phil Spector her manager. Ronnie's father was an Irish emigrant and her mother was African-American. The rest of the trio were her sister (Estelle) and cousin (Nedra). Ronnie is  regarded as the original "bad girl of 'rock and roll'". In 1966 the group toured with The Beatles.

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I remember them, in fact, I remember all the beginnings of rock'n'roll.

I was going to say that I particularly remember them singing "Da Doo Ron Ron", but when I looked it up on Wikipedia, it turns out that that was The Crystals.

Happy daze!

(I should point out that I also played classical violin.)
More power to you! I'm afraid the trumpet was my own effort when young. [Maybe I still blow it!].
I remember them very well. They were the primary embodiment of Phil Spector's unique "Wall Of Sound" recording technique (accomplished by multiple overdubs, as well as some new applications of existing audio technology - of course it can all be done digitally now, even on one's home PC). Phil's relationship with Ronnie was, to say the least, dysfunctional...
It is a pity she had to suffer such bullying for so long.
It's good that she managed to escape, though. Spector was a life-long gun owner, and is now serving a life sentence for the murder of another female companion.

It makes me sad to see how such a genius of audio technique was otherwise such an unpleasantly messed-up man.

I remember the year that Petula Clark *and* the Rolling Stones had hits.
Showing age or showing musical knowledge!
I'm afraid that whilst I enjoy listening to them, I still prefer the version of 'Baby, I Love You' recorded by the Ramones...
Nothing wrong with learning the trumpet; people tend to be fairly ignorant about how the technique for brass instruments works, otherwise they'd be more impressed.

Not the reaction you were expecting

Did you ever hear of The Ronettes? If you did you're showing your age!

I did, and I'm not. I went to YouTube some time ago to have a listen to the original of the Beth Orton track "I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine", but couldn't listen right the way through: I couldn't stand to hear such a beautiful tune so badly massacred.

Possibly one might react differently if one became familiar with the Ronettes' version first, but not I, not I.