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Great Whale Activity

whaleIn recent days and weeks there has been exceptional activity of humpbacked whales off the coasts of Cork and Kerry in the south west of Ireland. It is most unusual to have whales around our coasts, especially close to shore. The presence of dolphins we have enjoyed for some years now, but the presence of packs of fin whales and humpbacks is new.

On Sunday last Simon Duggan was walking on the cliffs close to Baltimore Harbour when he saw whale activity near the coast. He ran down, secured a small boat and managed to get very close. He caught this wonderful shot of a whale breaching. The people in another boat close by were unfortunately looking for activity in the opposite direction!.  


That is truly a wonderful shot! Breaches like are so spectacular! I've never seen one in real life (I've seen humpbacks wave their fins and poke their heads up, but that's it), but even in a photo, it's magnificent. The people in the boat must have been kicking themselves when they found out they missed it.
Simon Duggan himself says that he has been whale watching abroad for years and has never seen a breach like that before.
How high above water do you reckon the head of the whale is?
Oh that is wonderful. That whale is just playing for sheer joy!

I saw a right whale off of Florida once. But only once, in a whole life of living by the sea.

When we lived in Florida I did see dolphins often, and loved them. You could hear them too, if you put your head underwater. They make a sound like a manual typewriter. (Remember those?)
Beautiful, beautiful creatures.

I've been lucky enough to see orcas, but nothing as big as this!
Nice Photo. I have been going on whale watches for over 20 years( out of Boston, Massachusetts) and only this year was I able to get a clear breach shot this year.

Why do whales breach? Get rid of barnacles?
Sometimes, I think, for pure joy.
We once saw some amazing whale activity while on a whale-watch tour off the coast of Maine. It took several hours to find them! But once we reached them, they spent about twenty minutes playing with the boat. Two of them--humpbacks. They went under the boat, came up on the other side, rolled on their bellies, flippered their flippers. It was astounding.

When they finally decided they'd given us enough of a show, off they swam. Everyone on the boat stood at the rail, waving--and I SWEAR that one of them rolled onto it's side and waved it's flipper back at us!

On the way back to the harbor, we saw what seemed like miles of basking sharks, a pod of dolphins jumped alongside us, and a lone seal. The only thing missing was a rainbow! Ha!
That sounds wonderful, having the whales around your shores!
That's a great shot!
That sounds brilliant! We had a lost humpback swimming off Greenock once - it was quite something to see...
What an unexpected event. Very unexpected!