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Drug Free Centre in Wexford


My confrere, although officially retired, still helps out three days a week in the local Aiséirí Centre here in Wexford. The centre was established by Eileen Fahy of the Sisters of Mercy in 1987.

Aiséirí is a drug free centre which provides a safe and caring environment in which addicts can begin to establish a goal of abstinence from alcohol, drugs and gambling. It provides the service on both a Residential and an Out-Patient basis for those suffering from addiction and also for their family members.

Its treatment philosophy is based on the recognition that alcohol, drug addiction and compulsive gambling are diseases, and that abstinence is the best way to manage the condition. It approaches addiction in a holistic way, working with mind, body and spirit as components of a healthy life.

The treatment is offered in a pleasant home-like setting where residents can begin to experience the freedom that comes with recovery and fosters the dignity, self-worth and spiritual development of each individual.
The clinical team at the centre includes addiction counsellors, psychologist, nurses, and psychiatrist.  


This sounds like a very good program. I have a relative facing addiction, and am grateful for the recognition that he has a disease rather than merely labeling him "a bad person."
Thank you. The centre continues to counsel addicts when they leave the course and has an annual full gathering of its 'patients' each year.
Sounds like a good program.
Yes, it's a very good programme.
So many addicts feel unloved and if this programme can put some of the love back it will have achieved much!
The best known psychologist in the country brought his adult son to be treated, I understand.