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Rabbi Schneerson (d. 1994)

RebbeA friend of mine in Queensland, Brian Grenier, with whom I studied in Rome many years ago reminded me yesterday of a story he heard about Rabbi Schneerson, one of the great religious leaders of the 20th century. The story has given me food for thought and goes like this:

Someone had written to the Rabbi in a state of deep depression. "I would like the Rabbi's help. I wake up each day sad and apprehensive. I can't concentrate. I find it hard to pray. I keep the commandments, but I find no spiritual satisfaction. I go to the synagogue but I feel alone. I begin to wonder what life is about. I need help."

The Rabbi's brilliant reply did not use a single word. He simply circled the first word in each sentence and sent it back! Maybe that is saying something to me as we approach Christmas.


As the saying goes, 'there is no 'I' in we'. :o)
I like that.
That made me laugh (and think)!
Yes we do put the old "I" out there a lot of the time, don't we?
An excellent reply from the Rabbi! I came to a similar realisation rather late and via Buddhism. Having said that, it's easy to appreciate the truth intellectually and very hard to make it a habit. I keep working at it...
We do need to be reminded of it often.

Good story

I always thought, it's special for english language, using "I" in the beginning of every phrase.

Re: Good story

But too much emphasis on "I" shows a person who is only thinking of himself all the time. This can cause depression and indicate a selfish person.

Re: Good story

Yes, of course. I definitely agree with that.
This Rabbi was like dao, or zen master, really.