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Welsh 'Plygain'

cor 2

The Welsh have an ancient Christmas tradition dating back to pre-Reformation times called Plygain (pro. Plug-ine). It is traditionally held very early on Christmas morning but is enjoying something of a revival with services now taking place mostly in the early evenings throughout December and January. The services are characterised by parties of carol singers taking it in turn to sing Christmas songs, usually unaccompanied (a capella) and in close harmony.

This Christmas Prince Charles will be taking part in his first 'Plygain' service at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David later this month. I hope he's in good voice!

Sample of a


I have never been to one but would love to.
How interesting! This kind of put me in mind of American Shaker music... probably came over with Welsh immigrants.
Nice. (I'd never heard of these before, but then that shouldn't be surprising as I'm neither Welsh nor Christian.)
Caroling is one of those quaint, charming, old customs that doesn't exist much anymore. Too much shopping mall canned music Christmas carols starting in the November takes some of the joy out of it.