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Christmas? You've Had It, boy.

chaosof2012  2I haven't bought a single Christmas present, card, box of chocolates, or packet of socks yet. There's really no need for any of us to put ourselves out for Christmas because we've already had our last one. Ever.

I know this for a fact because as a keen surfer of the 'net I've found lot's of sites predicting the imminent end of the world. A supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is hurtling toward Earth. This catastrophe will happen on the 21 December - tomorrow week.

Armageddon, the final battle of good and evil on Earth, is upon us. You can run but you cannot hide!


It was supposed to have happened on the 12th too at least according to a Mayan prophecy.

Maybe the world ended and we didn't notice? :o)

Is that Armageddon as in armageddon out of here?

Edited at 2012-12-13 19:42 (UTC)
There must have been back-up on the line.
Apparently, as I'm informed by my husband, there's another one due on the 23rd as well.

Spoiled for choice! :o)
And if it doesn't turn out, what you will do without gifts? :-)))

<А если не получится, что же вы будете делать без подарков? :-)))>
That's a bit of a problem.
At us speak: be going to die, and corn sow.
I'll check back with you here on the 22nd and see how you're doing. ;)
Fair enough.
Oh darn... I shouldn't have wasted all that time doing homework. I could have been playing World of Warcraft instead!
Gosh, what a surprise. Somebody thinks it's time for the end of the world! Again! And again! I'm not sure I take the Sumerians as the best source for this knowledge. So I'm still buying a few gifts. Bummer if I don't get to give them, but I'll enjoy wrapping them up anyway.
My son mentioned this to me this evening, but apparently I still have to make cake, mince pies etc., just in case.
'...This catastrophe will happen on the 21 December - tomorrow week.'

It bloomin' well better not. I want to see the Hobbit movies! :)
Good for you.
Don't really have much insight into the end of the world, or divinity, or such, but I do know something about armies. If there is going to be an armageddon, there will be armies, and armies need medical corps. I will do what I always have done: lead my warrior medics (warrior medic angels?) just behind the front lines to heal the wounded and succor the wounded.
Well for you. But I'm afraid it'll be too late for most of us.
Armies also need chaplains, or would that be redundant during armageddon?