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A Door Opens

popeThe Vatican has approved a new church structure in Canada to administer to disaffected Anglicans there who convert to Roman Catholicism because they feel their own church has become too liberal.
Called a deanery, it will be headed by Father Lee Kenyon, a married Anglican priest from Manchester, England who converted to Catholicism in 2011.

In 2009, Pope Benedict decreed that Anglicans who leave, many because they feel their Church has become too liberal, can find a home in Catholicism in a parallel hierarchy that allows them to keep some of their traditions, such as parts of the Anglican liturgy and the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

The current membership is about 1,500 members and 25 priests.


that's an interesting conflict -- did father kenyon have to divorce?
No. Even if a man is already married before he is ordained priest in the Catholic Church he continues a married man. In this case he was a minister of the Anglican Community before becoming a Catholic.
Too liberal?


Nowhere near liberal enough- which is why I am an ex (long ex)Anglican.
What is liberal for one, it seems, can be very conservative for another.
But bigotry and prejudice are all one whether one is liberal or conservative. I do not accept that having a religious faith (and as you know, I do) give one the right to assume that one is entitled to be either of those things in the name of that faith.
It may be the weather this morning but I'm afraid you've lost me there?
My meaning is that a lot of what passes for 'conservatism' is often plain old fashioned bigotry and prejudice dressed up as Biblical exegesis.
Got you. Thanks.