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menshedsI heard a reference yesterday to Mansheds. I had never heard of them before and had to Google it. Apparently it refers to an updated version of the garden shed used by a group of local men. Women excluded! 

Unlike women, most men don’t talk about their feelings, emotions, health, and well-being or to ask for help. As a result they take more risks and suffer more from isolation, loneliness and depression.

A small group of men in Australia thought up the idea of meeting in a garden shed to chat as they mend lawnmowers, learn from one another how to use tools, or restore furniture, etc. while chatting and getting to know one another in a 'safe' environment. The lawnmower may never be finished of course!

The idea spread and now there are several Mansheds across Ireland which form an Association.


So that's where old recliners go to die. ;-)
Have a look out in the garden shed!
I'm reminded of the convenience store in Ryan Oklahoma where all the old guys sat around and watched traffic in the morning....
I think that's a brilliant idea. I have my own shed which I spend time in in the summer, potting on and generally mucking about.
That is a really good idea. As the Boomers age, we are increasingly faced with loneliness and isolation, and for some reason, we don't realize it.

My dad's generation (b. 1920) use to get together and do things. True, they weren't always "productive" things that I, as a 20-something approved of, but now I realize why he did them.
"Unlike women...depression." On the other hand, men don't have to indulge in, or listen to, endless psychobabble.