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Traditional Live Crib

crib 2

Between the 8th and 24th of December there is a living nativity scene at the Mansion House, Dublin, each year since 1956, in celebration of Christmas. The Live Animal Crib – provides a specially constructed life-size stable with animals - a sheep, donkeys and goats brought in each morning. The original idea came from a priest, Father Louis Coffey, and is a great way of bringing the story of Christmas to life, especially for urban kids who might not very often step into a stable with all its sights, sounds and smells. 

The Mansion House is in the middle of Dublin and imansion houses the residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin. Built in 1710 and bought by the city of Dublin in 1715, the Mansion House has long been an important part of Irish history. Many noteworthy events have taken place in the Round Room room including The Irish Declaration of Independence. The Mansion House hosts many Christmas events besides the living nativity scene.