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New Laptop

samsungMy poor old laptop is on its last legs so I spent some of the afternoon at the Christmas sales.
I know nothing about the works of computers but I settled for a Samsung NP-RV520/A07
4GB Ram  
Intel Core i3 2.20 GHZ
HDM1/3 USB ports/ Card Reader/WiFi
3 year Warranty
Windows 7.

Does anyone know if I made a good choice? Haven't tried it yet.



i admit i don't care for windows os at all, but i have the impression that windows 7 is far preferable to 8. i hope you enjoy it :)
Thank you. I was afraid to move to Windows 8 because at my age I would hate to start messing around with new fangled rubbishy things.
Given that you've already made the choice, do you really want to know if it was a bad one?

(Well possibly, if it's still within the window of taking it back.)
I left a deposit (valid until 26 Jan.). So the sale is not completed quite yet!
That looks a lot like the one my mother got earlier this year, and that's worked out pretty well for her, so I'd say it was a good choice -- nothing too fancy, but plenty fast enough for general purposes. Enjoy!
Thaqnk you.
I don't know if you made a good choice, I just wanted to say "Enjoy it!"
I do tech support for seniors as one of the ways that I keep food on the table whilst I am in seminary. You made a perfectly fine choice. Samsung is a good brand, you got a decent amount of RAM and processing speed. However, if you are not familiar with Windows 7, there may be a learning curve. I have helped several of my "Pilgrims" as I call them get new computers, and the learning curve with Windows 7 is the biggest thing they don't like. If you are not familiar with it, find some friend that already has it and has been using it. Usually the problems are not hard to solve, and anyone can do it if they already know how.

Good point. There is a way that I'm sure wyrmwwd can tell you (I have forgotten) to make Windows 7 behave much more like Windows XP so soften that learning curve.
Thank you. I am familiar with Windows 7 but have been warned off Windows 8.
I love Samsung toys so I am sure the laptop will be lovely. My (HP) laptop expired yesterday and I know that if it needs replacing I want Windows 7 again not 8. Definite good choice I would say. Enjoy your new toy.
Samsung are a decent brand.

Hope it runs well for you.
So do I! Thank you.
From my admittedly limited knowledge, sounds like a good choice. Admittedly the faster the better, but that also means more expensive. (Example: i5 process is better than i3; 3 GHz better than 2.2). Perhaps the best test is try it, and see if it does the stuff you want it to do, faster enough to suit you. If your major requirement is web-surfing and writing your blog, then that sounds fast enough to me, but try it and see.
Thank you. I have now been trying it out and I seem to be getting the gist of it.