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With a Shillelagh under me Arm

shillelagh2stickAmerica needs to reconsider the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution that allows citizens the right to bear arms. Perhaps, instead of Gun Lobbies, it might consider establishing Shillelagh Clubs as has recently happened in a few places in Ireland in a bid to tackle social isolation and improve fitness levels among older men. It involves a form of non-combative martial arts using a shillelagh for self-defence.

The word 'shillelagh' comes from the Irish sail éille, and is a wooden walking stick or cudgel (often Blackthorn) with a knob on it and with a cord attached. It was originally used for settling disputes in a gentlemanly manner - like pistols in colonial America!  The NCOs of the Fighting 69th still carry shillelaghs as rank badges in parades. (above right)

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