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St. Thomas Becket

tabecketToday is the memorial of St. Thomas Becket (1118-1170), Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1155 King Henry II made him Chancellor of England. He came into conflict with Henry over Church rights and was killed in his cathedral on this date and is venerated by both Catholics and Anglicans.

In the Spring of 1169 Wexford was invaded by a strong force of Norman Knights who, over the following centuries, enclosed the town and regulated trade. Among the many visitors to Wexford around this time was King Henry II himself who wanted to keep an eye on what these Norman Knights were up to and he is reputed to have done penance here in Selskar Abbey for the murder of Thomas Becket.


I was at uni as an undergrad in Canterbury so know the Becket story well.
I understand that during the Reformation Henry VIII had any remains or gravestones scattered to the four winds.
Indeed he did although only the tomb of Becket. He hated the idea of an Archbishop getting one over on a king- he didn't let the Pope do it, so didn't see why an Archbishop of Canterbury should. He didn't desecrate those of other archbishops nor that of his distant relative Edward, the Black Prince.