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Problems, Problems

Happy New Year how are you!

I bought a new laptop the other day and it's giving me problems - several - but mainly this:

It is a Windows System 7 (Home Premium) . But when I try to insert a photo into my post from Desktop there is no Browse facility to do so.

The words Javascript Void appear at the bottom of the post.

Does anyone know how I can fix this and secure a Browse facility? I should be much obliged if you can help me in this.

samsungIt's a Samsung NP-RV520/A07
4GB Ram  
Intel Core i3 2.20 GHZ
HDM1/3 USB ports/ Card Reader/WiFi
3 year Warranty
Windows 7.


It looks as though you now need Flash to do that -- which you can get by going to the Adobe Flash website and downloading the installer.


(Don't forget to uncheck the little box about the McAfee Security scan!)
I think this is the solution. Let us know if this does not work.