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My apologies to my readers - like many of you, I'm sure - I have been looking at a blank screen for the last couple of days. Sorry for not being able to respond to comments. I have also missed your posts over the New Year. How long this situation lasts I don't know.


It seems to be mostly a UK thing. On this side of the pond, we don't seem to be having the kind of problems that you are having.

Edit: I stand corrected. I just found one of my American friends is having problems, too. However, she is on the east coast, while I am on the west.

Edited at 2013-01-02 19:02 (UTC)
Thank you. Some think that Russia is endeavering to confine Livejournal to themselves. Any truth in that do you think?
What it has been in the past is non-Russian users being inconvenienced by Russian politics. Various factions in Russia use the anonymity that LJ provides to enable their efforts at free speech so that they can criticize their government. The government, in turn, gets cranky and uses hackers to try to shut it down. Because Russian politics is largely not understood by anyone not Russian (myself included), we tend to take it more personally than we need to. In the past, this has all been about them. Putin, however, would LOVE to see LJ "put down," so it could happen.
Seems to be cleared up on my end of things. I missed a few days of LJ too. Feels yetchy, doesn't it?

Glad to see you're still here.
I never had a problem. I have been on every day in the last week or so. Perhaps it is your isp? I suppose it could be the Russians, but why is it only overseas?
I've not been able to post to LJ since 30 December and only been able to get fleeting glimpses of what my friends have been posting.

It seems to be back today, but very sluggish. Anyway, happy new year! I hope 2013 treats you well.
Thank you for your seasonal greetings. My LJ seems to be up again TG.