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Benedict the Fisherman

Natalia & Book

Pope Benedict XVI loves his garden in Castel Gondolfo where he resides during the cool summer. This Christmas, Natalia Tsarkova, official portraitist in the Vatican, published her first book which has both words and paintings in it. Natalia is Russian. The text reveals an unusual and innocent side of the Pope. The book is called  "Il Mistero di un Piccolo Stangno."  - The Mystery of a Little Pool. In it Tsarkova reveals a side of Benedict that the media, with all of their sophisticated cameras and expensive analysts, have never been able to glimpse.

It tells the story of a little goldfish - 'Bianco' - who, as he swims around his little pool, loves to look up at a sunny white statue of the Virgin above. One day another figure in white catches his eye - Benedict - who during the summer comes to the statue every day to say the Rosary and enjoy the trees, flowers, birds and fishes that are expressions of the beauty of the Creator. He often throws some crumbs into the pond for the goldfish. 'Bianco' looks forward to these visits of his friend in white, this quiet figure who prays for all of us in the solitude of the papal villa. He knows the gentle man who loves nature and its creatures, the presence of the Pope who brings both joy and solace to those who look with the eyes of innocence.


Short video of the launch of the book on 11 Dec. 2012:



It is so very touching ). I would like to see this book. It must be very beautiful.
I'm afraid it is available only in Italian at the moment. But translations are being processed I understand.
Did I ever tell you of my meeting with Brother Guy Consolmagno, aka the Vatican's Astronomer? He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'ask me about my vow of silence'.