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Nollaig na mBan

womenTomorrow in Ireland is tradionally called Nollaig na mBan (Women's Christmas). With Christmas cooking over, Christmas decorations taken down, Christmas visitors gone and the children ready to go back to school, women can put their feet up.

Although slowly dying out in many parts this old Irish tradition acknowledges the graft of weary mothers and grandmothers over the festive season and celebrates their spiritual and emotional strength, their resilience, feistiness and self-respect.

WhilReve many women have moved out of the kitchen into the professions, politics and agriculture they are still not accepted into other areas of life. It is good then to welcome into our local Church of Ireland Community the recently appointed beautiful Rev. Nicola Halford.

Ladies, I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow as you share a cuppa together.


Congratulations to all Irish women!

It's an interesting holiday. Ancient, and inspiring. I like it.

Re: Congratulations to all Irish women!

I'm a bit old to join the Church of Ireland Community!!
I think you'll find that many women have not moved out of the kitchen into the various professions, etc. I think you'll find that in many, if not most cases, they've had to drag the kitchen with them.
You are such a grand gentleman. I'm going to put my feet up and have a quiet cuppa myself, tomorrow. :)
Good girl! Enjoy it!
No such break for the weary wives of England. I ought to suggest taking this one up! :o)
Why not? We're all behind you - even the men I'm sure.
А у нас ещё всё впереди, и Рождество, и Старый Новый год, святки и Крещение (19 января), так что рано отдыхать :-)))

And we still have everything ahead, Christmas and Old New Year, Yule, and Epiphany (January 19), so that early rest :-)))
We have Epiphany tomorrow. Now back to normal!
For men the break should be called Nollaig na bFear (Men's Christmas). I hope you appreciate how lucky you are.