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Tender Loving Care

IMG_5397My sister-in-law had some potted orchids in her kitchen which was really not the best place for them to flourish. She was going to throw them out but asked me if they would be any use to me. I took them although I had not much hope of a resurrection. My confrere is "into" flowers so I entrusted them to his loving care and attention. Lo and behold they flourished. Thank you, Cathal.


How lovely that you saved them, and that now they're flourishing!
Thank you.
Wonderful. I love it when people do things like this. Not everybody has the skill and the disposition to do it, especially with orchids.
Thank you - and I can assure you that these (there were 4 plants) were to all intents and purposes 'dead'.

I have a supermarket orchid that I was given as a hostess gift in August. It flowered for three months and then stopped abruptly, but is now sprouting a new "branch" for which I have hopes.
Those flowers are beautiful! I'm afraid that my middle name is "Death To Plants", so I have great admiration for those who can make them flourish.
The orchids are glorious!
What a beautiful resurrection.
some plants just respond better to others, it is good that you found the orchids a better home.