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Irish Young Scientist of the Year Exhibition

The 49th annual Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition for Secondary School Students got under way in Dublin this morning with almost 2,000 students exhibting 550 projects. Judging begins this afternoon. It is then open to the public and winning projects will be announced on Friday. 4,000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition. There are four categories: biology, physics, social and behavioral sciences and technology. Previous winners were:

2005: Croma: a new dialect of Lisp.
2006: The development and evaluation of a biological food spoilage indicator
2007: An Extension of Wiener's Attack on RSA.
2008: Research and Development of Emergency Sandbag Shelters
2009: The Development of a Convenient Test Method for Somatic Cell Count and Its Importance In Milk Production
2010: Biomass fired cooking stove for developing countries
2011: Tennis sensor data analysis  
2012: Simulation accuracy in the gravitational many-body problem

Many of the past winners have gone on to establish international companies on the technology they dyoung scientists 2012eveloped. The winner in 2005 became an overnight millionaire at the age of 19 when he sold his software company Auctomatic to a Canadian firm for more than €3 million!!
The overall 2012 winners were 17-year-olds Mark Kelly and Eric Doyle who study at Synge Street CBS in Dublin. They developed an algorithm based on the motion of planets, with the aim of helping satellites stay on the right flight path when in space.