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Young Scientists of the Year

young scientists

Three students from Co Cork have been named as winners of the top prize at this year's Irish Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition.

The three 15-year-old girls, all of whom are in third year in Kinsale Community School, were awarded the prize for their project on the effects of certain bacteria on plant germination. They were awarded a cheque for €5,000 and will now have a chance to represent Ireland at the European Union Young Scientist competition in Prague in September 2013.

The winning project showed how germination time could be reduced in wheat and barley seeds if a certain bacteria is added.  The work could have implications for global attempts to address food security issues. Their project was entitled:  “A statistical investigation of the effects of Diazotroph bacteria on plant germination”.


Irish and British scientists are two wide differences
Yes, when "young". But Irish scientists don't seem to do anything later in life!
Is it noxious influence of British science?
Not really.
That is am amazing and fascinating project. I wish them luck in Prague.