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gay marriageA tongue-in-cheek advertisement depicting Pope Benedict XVI blessing the marriage of two gay men has
sparked controversy in New Zealand.

The signs were put on display last month in central Auckland and Wellington, according to the publication.

No comment so far from the real pontiff, who slammed same-sex marriage as an "attack" on the traditional
family in his annual Christmas address last month.


I haven't spoken to any murderers either, but I do not think what they do is morally right. By all means let two men love one another - we are all called to that - but redefining "marriage"?
what could possibly be immoral about using some word some particular way? it's not as if it's a curse word, and it takes advantage of the way the term is already used in law, so that new laws don't need to be written (for instance, the right to make medical decisions for one's spouse in an emergency).

also, comparing loving couples to murderers is irrelevant and insulting :/

I'm afraid that the church (Catholic or Protestant) doesn't have a monopoly on the word "marriage". Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists and people of no religion at all get married. People have been joined together in marriage before there was a Christian church. You only have to read the Old Testament to see that, not to mention all the other ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Roman, Greek etc.

Catholics have one particular definition of what they consider a marriage, but there is no reason why non-Catholics can't re-define marriage as they please. If Catholics don't want to conduct same-sex marriages in their churches, that's up to them, but as wyrmwwd says, whilst that will please the African churches, it will lose many European Catholics.