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Does the Pope administer Sacraments?

Following yesterday's post (the skit on the Pope blessing a gay 'marriage') I wondered if and how often the Pope personally administers any of the sacraments. I was surprised to learn that, given his heavy work-load, he often does it. For example, he daily celebrates the Eucharist, on 6th Jan he ordained new bishops, yesterday he baptised 22 infants, on occasions he hears confessions (e.g World Youth Day), he will confirm a group in Rome on April 28 next, and he will ordain priests on Good Shepherd Sunday in April.

In fact, the only sacrament he does not administer is matrimony because this sacrament is actually administered by the spouses themselves.  The church normally requires Catholics to marry in the presence of a priest or deacon who act as witnesses on behalf of the Church and often on behalf of the State. 

   sacrament of baptism sacrament of confession eucharist
   Baptism                  Confession                             Eucharist


I have to admit, I know next to nothing about the Pope. But I'm sure he's a busy fellow.
Especially as he is, like myself, in his 80s!