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How sad.

The following short message in the Irish language was posted the other day on FB by a local Secondary School teacher, Member of the local Borough Council and former Mayor of Wexford, in which every single word is either misspelt or ungrammatical - even the name of the town of which he was mayor!

"Éine a tá súim faoi muineadh gaelige i Loch Gorman? Tá fhios agam faoi post Sealabach. Cúr email dom chomh tapadh is feidir leat!"

I am rAlexeminded of a young Dutch student, Alex Hijman, who came to Galway (1995) and learned the language. He spent a decade working as a journalist for TG4, the regional Irish language TV/ radio station, before he decided to write in Irish about his experiences of falling madly in love with a Brazilian. He moved to the favela slums of Salvador (2006) and a life of couch-surfing around Brazil. He is now the Brazil correspondent for Dutch news agency GPD.
He has published two books, both of them in Irish: Favela, a work of non-fiction on living in a Brazilian slum, Aiséirí, a novel, and a short story collection.


Indeed there are many Irishmen who not only take it for granted but actively try to get rid of this living (for over 2000 years)lovely language.