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What's a God Pod?

God Pod

In February several "God Pods" will be officially opened in the grounds of Glenstal Abbey in Co. Limerick in the south-west of Ireland.

What is a God Pod you may ask? It is a kind of wooden hermitage which offers a quiet setting surrounded by nature. It offers a space to encounter self, a unique place for you to pray, slow down and refresh your spirit. It is intended for those who seek God within and who are comfortable in the quiet and solitude this type of retreat setting offers.

The God Pod is a small, single self-catering dwelling. It is equipped with a small fridge, electric hob and microwave oven. Bed linen, bath towels and tea towels are all provided as well as some of the usual necessities such as tea, coffee, milk and sugar. Wifi and internet is not available in the God Pods. Guests who wish, may take lunch with the other guests in the monastery (about 2 kms away) or may order a take away lunch from the monastery kitchen.

Brennans' Kenmare Park Hotel in Kerry has recently provided Camping Tents ('Glamps')  in its grounds but these are elaborate canvas structures.. It's the same idea as pods and is common, apparently, in USA for fishing spots and other resorts.


I wonder if they let people write there...
I'm sure they would. What one does is up to the person. But there is a rent!!
And considering I would also have to take a plane to that continent, I guess it's beyond my $$ for a writer's retreat!
I think you are from the States. There are I'm sure lots of such quiet retreat places available there.
What a FABULOUS concept. I love it.
That sounds wonderful.
I suspect I'd just go off and do another retreat with my Franciscan nuns in Foligno if I fancied that sort of thing! :o)

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To satisfy the desire for greater solitude, 3 hermitages were built by the Family of Adoration nuns in Ferns here in Co. Wexford in 1993. Now there are 10. The whole idea of hermitage of course is part of the tradition of the Church. Many people nowadays look back with nostalgia to the times when Desert spirituality was in full blossom. It was understood that a life of activity is sustained by occasional withdrawal to a place of solitude and silence.
Well, of course, as a Quaker, silence matters hugely to me. :o)
I can't think of anything specifically like that here, but there may be something. If there isn't, there should be.

There is an old Girl Scout camp that was abandoned some time ago. I used to have friends that were attached to it and we did a few rituals there. It's a lovely spot, filled with great power and peace.

Since it was abandoned, it was taken over by an Evangelical Christian youth camp for a paint ball battlefield. I find this appalling. Once I am out of school, one of the items on my list is to try to rescue the site and turn it into an interreligious retreat center. Maybe I'll see about putting up some God-pods there. Great idea!
We're all behind you.
The following link may help - http://www.thepod.info/locationmap.php