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cansI love a tin of Red Bull occasionally. Last Monday, two people were admitted to hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit. One died on Wednesday. Autopsy results concluded it was Leptospirosis. The virus was on tin cans of drink he had consumed, without the use of glasses / cups. Test results showed that the tin was contaminated because mice urinated on it, and it dried. The urine contained Leptospira. It is highly recommended to rinse cans before drinking from them. Cans are usually stored in the warehouse and delivered direct to retail stores without cleaning. A study shows that the top of all beverage cans are more contaminated than public toilets! So, clean them or use a glass.


One of those internet legends ...


(Not a bad idea in general, but the specific incident seems to be apocryphal.)
I'm a paranoid little creature and do actually carry around a little pouch of mini antibacterial wipes for just such occasions. Be it any potential nasties or just a thick layer of dust, it's getting nowhere near me (I also use said wipes to clean my hands if they're going to be used to eat with, like at a Japanese restaurant/sushi bar).
I remember as a twenty-something way back in the 1990s a warning about not drinking beer straight out of the bottle in case of contamination from leptospirosis. I've used a glass ever since...
Thanks for your comments. My own modem is down so I'm posting this in an Internet Cafe.