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I had a most wonderful afternoon today. I was visiting the little village (Athgarvan, in Co. Kildare) where I was born. A large stud-farm is close-by over which my father was agricultural manager and lived on the estate when I was born. I have never been to visit the place for over 70 years. The present lady of the house, Mrs Eileen Lynch, came to the gate by chance and invited myself and a friend to do a tour of the elegant house and farm with its many out offices and lawns . It was a wonderful experience and brought back memories of my very young childhood. Thank you very, very much Eileen. I am so grateful. You have been so kind. 

We also visited a school friend of mine, Séamus O'Brien, and his  lovely wife Kathleen some miles away. Again it was a great set of wonderful reminiscences for me.

NB. Welcome to my new readers in China.


Sounds like you had a fabulous day. How wonderful!
Thank you. It certainly was.
Sounds like a grand day out, to quote a well known phrase! :o)
Thank you. It was the realization of long desire.