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St. Brigid

On Friday (1st February) Irish Catholics celebrate St. Brigid the female patron of Ireland. Brigid (453-524) is said to have ministered in the Kildare area near Dublin. She was highly revered and her monastery in Kildare became a centre of religion and learning.

In iconogSt_Brigids_Cross1raphy and statuary Saint Brigid is often depicted holding a reed cross. The story is that on one occasion, in order to explain the Crucifixion to a sick man, she picked up some reeds from the floor and wove them into the shape of a cross.

Maybe you would like to try it yourself! (click to enlarge)


Oh, that's the same method used to start off making a corn dolly, which is something I do when the mood's upon me and I'm feeling creative! :o)
Excuse my ignorance: What's a corn dolly?
Interesting. Never saw one before that I can think of.
It's an English rural tradition- originally part of the harvest celebration.
uh 1 Feb is friday, saturday is 2 Feb which is Groundhogs Day here..
Imbolc, an old Celtic festival marking the beginning of spring, also falls at this time and also involves weather prognostications.