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Peace is Restored.

Every Sunday at midday the Pope releases a dove in St. Peter's Square as a symbolic gesture of peace. Last Sunday his dove nearly went up in a cloud of feathers when it was immediately attacked by a seagull! However, the papal dove managed to get away safely.



Oh, my! I bet all the Italian grandmas had a slue of portents to go with that!
Yep, kind of sums up the state of the world just now. Hopefully, we'll all share the dove's lucky escape!!
Some years ago, I was at JFK Airport in New York City, watching the planes take off There were several pigeons flying around near the big glass window, and somehow one of them managed to fly head-first into the next window and stun itself. It fell to the ground, and at first I thought it was dead, but shortly it tried to get back up on its feet and fly away; however, it couldn't stand up. After a few more tries, it just lay there on the tarmac, flapping its wings rather feebly every few minutes. Then a seagull flew past and spotted the injured pigeon. It swooped down and landed beside the pigeon, which flapped a bit harder. Then the gull grabbed the pigeon with its sharp, hooked beak, killed it, and ate it, leaving just a small damp pile of feathers. Its hunger sated, the seagull flew away.

I am glad that the papal dove (which is just another sort of pigeon) escaped that same fate.

It's natural I suppose.
I bet a lot of the doves don't live long. But it seems like a nice symbolic thing to do, even if it's cruel to doves. People are so weird!
Nature is nature
One wonders which sect released the seagull? :o)
Good, I like it :o)