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Religion in Russia

About 80% of the population of the Irish Republic at present identify themselves as Catholics but the number is dwindling fast and there is a cry for the ending of all teaching of religion in schools. Russians seem to be experiencing the same problem.

In 220px-Patriarch_Kirill_of_Moscow_Russian schools there is a course on Fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics, which is mandatory as of September 2012. Within the course structure students can choose different modules depending on their beliefs (Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist). According to the Patriarch of Moscow, there is pressure on parents to choose more 'neutral' modules, such as Fundamentals of secular ethics or Basics of religious cultures in the world, rather than the module on the Orthodox religion.

The Patriarch says he is concerned about the low number of students in schools in the capital who take lessons in the Fundamentals of Orthodox culture. He says that parents are not free to pick and choose the course of religion for their children and that some school principals have a mistaken view of the secular state and therefore encourage the parents of the students not to opt ​​for the lessons on Orthodox Culture. He acknowledges that he had himself pushed for the introduction of courses on "secular ethics" in respect of non-religious families, but did not expect that it would be used to "deprive the Orthodox of the opportunity to study their own culture. "

The Minister of Culture says that "support for organizations that promote and practise the traditional historical and cultural values ​​is one of the main objectives of the government" and promises that his ministry will solve the problem posed by the Patriarch, thus confirming the close cooperation that currently links the political power and the Orthodox Church in Russia.


'thus confirming the close cooperation that currently links the political power and the Orthodox Church in Russia.'

And here, in a nutshell, is why the Russian Orthodox Church is losing numbers They've got into bed with every corrupt Russian polity from the Czars via Stalin to the present and a section of the community has never will not lightly forgive this.

Yes, that was obvious in the last 'election' of Putin.
That is part of why the US, as opposed to Europe, remains fundamentally a religious country, even if "organized religion" is losing adherents. In Europe, religion was part of the power structure of the ancien regimes. When they were overthrown, religion went down the tubes with them. In the US, religion was viewed as important, but it was part of civil society, not the government (something some faction ofthe right fail to understand). As such, it could act as a corrective forceon the government, without being cohercive of individuals.
quite so. need it be so? no.