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snowWe have just been warned by our weather experts to expect snow all over tonight and tomorrow! I hope it will not be like the snow in today's photo in my Moscow friend's  post: http://orion4.livejournal.com/


У нас много снега, да, но что за зима без снега? Конечно, сегодня было тяжело передвигаться, снег залеплял глаза, под ногами каша, но красота какая!

We have a lot of snow, Yes, but that the winter without snow? Of course, today it was hard to move around, snow close up eyes, beneath the feet of the porridge, but what beauty!
Now that's REAL snow! Not the few centimetres we get here! :o)
Reminds me of where I used to live in Upstate New York.
We have got a snow-shower in Samara too ) I like it! It's a very beautiful and warm weather )
And there was a very unusual sunset today. A strange mauve light flowed down from the cloudy sky! It was amazing!
Yes. It is now 19.30 hours in Ireland. No snow yet.

I see that it is now -2°C in Samara, there is heavy snow, and there is ice, fog and it is chilly.

I'm glad you like it.

Now THAT is snow! Stay warm!
Snow is nice to look at.
Living in it? Not so much.
(I grew up in Canada.)
Gosh, you must have just moved to Montreal. Bienvenu, Monsieur. (PS: The icon was March 21st - the "first day of Spring" a couple of years ago.)