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Be my Valentine!

St. ValentineDo you feel romantic? Well, Valentine's Day - 14th - is nearly upon us.

Nothing much is known about St. Valentine except that he was an Italian martyr before 465 and that his story has become linked to romantic love. Don't birds pair off around the 14th February?

In 1835 an Irish Carmelite priest was lecturing in Rome. His talks went down a bomb and Pope Gregory XVI, as a token of his regard, gave him some relics of St. Valentine to take back to Dublin. They were placed in a reliquary in the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street where they are venerated by lovers all year round.

But on 14th February great numbers attend ceremonies in his honour. The reliquary is removed from a side-altar, placed in the centre of the church for veneration, special sermons are preached, and there is a 'Blessing of Rings' ceremony for those preparing for marriage.

Did you know that over $1billion of chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day? And God knows how many Valentine Cards must be sent!


Never heard the story of St Dwynwen before. Interesting. Thanks for that. I hope you had a romantic day last 25th January! How is the Welch language coming along?
We'll be celebrating with a Bangladeshi meal.

My favourite (favourite because it's the first Italian church that he and I visited together- the first of many) Italian church is in Perugia and happens to bear a dedication to San Stephano e San Valentino :o)
Yes, a beautiful place Perugia. Wouldn't it be lovely to be there while we shiver here?