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Youth Culture and the Vatican

Italian-Rock-GroupYoung people have been leaving the Church in droves and the Vatican has, at last, begun to try to understand and listen.

A few days ago the Pontifical Council for Culture gathered to discuss "Emerging Youth Cultures" and had the brilliant idea of actually inviting a young Italian rock group, The Sun, to express themselves through music. Their lead singer confessed that despite often playing to audiences of thousands, playing for cardinals and bishops was something else. 

In between songs Lorenzi, lead singer, explained that despite travelling the globe and experiencing enormous success they lost themselves in "alcohol, drugs and women" and failed to find real happiness. He said that people should not have to hit bottom before they discover salvation. He said that The Sun wanted to help the Church bridge the gap with young people.

He summarized an informal survey he had made among young people:

1.  "What helps attract young people to the church?"  
       (credible and enthusiastic witnesses)
2.  "What do you want from the church?"
        (greater trust in laypeople, clear sincere honest dialogue)

3.  "What keeps the church and young people apart?" 
       (not understanding the reasons behind positions the church takes, ostentatious
       wealth, poor communication skills)

The group play "Onda Perfetta":


A friend of my son's is involved with this organization, doing spiritual outreach among Native American young adults. This young man is learning the Lakota language in order to understand their world-view and to communicate more effectively about spirituality.

The Taizé group is active all over the world - I note an article about a visit to Ireland in 2011.

Yes. Taizé has done some wonderful work and found many volunteers in Europe. Br. Roger himself was a wonderful man of course.
'not understanding the reasons behind positions the church takes, ostentatious wealth, poor communication skills'

And there you have one of the main causes of the Reformation.

As the younger ones are heard to say- a clue, they needz one!
But is the whole thing just an pretence or will it be acted upon? Will we see more interaction between the parties?
Hard to know. It could certainly do with happening. The Vatican tends to be way out of touch with youth (as, in truth are the 'curias' of most established religious faiths so I'm not placing blame on only one sect here).

Intruguing bit of news this morning- I don't know it you picked up on it? Benedict has decided to retire! I think makes him the first since Celestine V and even he was, if you like, 'persuaded' that it might be a good idea- a man of exemplary holiness but an awful Pope!