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Mary Cahill has been housekeeper and cook for the Christian Brothers' community in Wexford, Ireland, for the last 38 years. Isn't that quite something? So on Friday last she retired. With the Pope retiring next Friday she is in good company. The Brothers and her friends had a little party for her which included the Bishop of Ferns who attended junior school with Mary.

We wish you well in your retirement, Mary.

Please note: There were lots of women at the party but, because LJ is in one of its moods, I failed to include a photo.



I am sure she will miss you all.
I suppose she will, but she can now live the life of Reilly! Our new cook starts today. So if no further posts arrive from this quarter you'll know we've been all poisoned!!
I hope she has a long and happy retirement. Good luck with the new housekeeper. She probably has a lot to live up to, so I hope you'll be kind to her. :)
Of course we will.