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Itchy Ankles

I have been cursed for the last few weeks with itchy ankles. 'Itch and scratch' have been the order of the day and, especially, the night. It is driving me batty. I thought that this was an ailment peculiar to myself. Imagine my surprise then when I "googled" it to find that, in fact, it is a very widespread complaint.

Several causes for the complaint are suggested - wool socks, tight socks, mosquito bites, over-drying of the skin, neurodermatitis, where one lives, sulfates, Crohn’s disease, etc. etc. The only one I can dismiss with any certainty in my case is "mosquito bites"!

I'm told that Sudocrem, (developed in Ireland in 1931), a leading product for treating nappy rash, is also effective in the treatment of other skin problems. I understand it is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to Cheryl Cole and the TOWIE gang. Cheryl says she uses the cream to draw out spots "because it really works."

Anyway, this morning I settled for Eurax which my local Pharmacist recommends. Let's hope it gives me some relief.


That kind of itch can be so frustrating!

E45 is also good for dry skin complaints.
Thanks. We'll see what this Eurax does, or doesn't do and then go further along.
Hopefully it should do. It's what I use when I get the night time itchies.
Good luck!
I get really itchy ankles and feet at night sometimes. An antihistamine and hydrocortisone cream helps.
Thanks. It will be on my list.