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'Wild Geese' Wines

Now that March and St. Patrick's Day are upon us why not celebrate with some of the Irish 'Wild Geese' wines from the south of France?

The original Wild Geese were the Irish who fled to France and were responsible for founding some of the most famous Bordeaux chateaux such as Chateau Leoville Barton, founded by Anthony Barton, and Chateau MacCarthy. Dennis MacCarthy belonged to a branch of the  MacCarthy Reagh family of Carbery, Co. Cork. Like his fellow clansmen he supported James II in 1690 and after the collapse of the Jacobite cause, sought refuge in France eventually settling in the city of Bordeaux where he founded his winery. The original 'Wild Geese' are today still the backbone of this most famous French wine region.

Also in the South of France you will find Neasa Corish from Foxrock in Co Dublin. Neasa moved to France some years ago to work in the wine industry where she met her French partner Laurent Miguel while working in the Languedoc and married him two years ago. Laurent and Neasa produce the excellent Laurent Miguel Chardonnay range.

So, Lá Fhéile Phádraig faoí mhaise do chách!

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Heading for France tomorrow.

Trust you to find the Irish connection! :o)
Bon Voyage.
Interesting. Because of the connection with the Jacobites, I'd always thought of the Wild Geese as Scottish. (Also tended to think of French wine as being, well, French.) Thanks for setting me straight.
Welcome! I'm sure the Scots were involved too.