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An Economist looks at the Vatican

Vatican 3

The Roman Catholic church is the world’s oldest multinational. It is also, by many measures, its most successful, with 1.2 billion customers, 1m employees, tens of millions of volunteers, a global distribution network, a universally recognised logo, unrivalled lobbying clout and, auguring well for the future, a successful emerging-markets operation, and no shortage of crisis-management tools - including infallibility.

. . . and, in brief, he suggests:

CEO should be young and active.
Present problems require sweeping structural reform.
Build on the revolutionary principle, now established, that being CEO is a job.
Top management must meet annually - not once every century.
Outgoing CEO should not continue in preceding CEO’s shadow.

Present main problem must be dealt with immediately.
Different workforce is required  - not just celibate males.
Errant employees must be punished, not protected or shuffled.
Clear rules on ethical behaviour must be drawn up and insisted upon.
A company's reputation is its most precious asset.
This company's core competence lies in providing spiritual goods.
Energy must not be wasted running earthly operations.
No in-house bank with ATMs in Latin!
IBM and Ford have got out of non-core businesses and contract out.
Fastest growing markets are in emerging world. Focus on that.
Therefore, CEO should spend part of year in South America,
Establish a second HQ spearheading emerging-markets.
Vatican needs to disrupt itself with new ideas.

But then, the Church is not really a multinational!


actually i think the latin atm's are an awesome idea, given the international nature of the user base.
Good point.
I'd hate to see the Latin disappear too. However, perhaps bilingual or multilingual ATM's? We have bilingual Welsh/English ones here and it's not difficult to just start with a Choose Your Language option.
iirc these are italian/latin already.
Many people, I'm afraid, would look on the Church as "in it for the money".
But then, the Church is not really a multinational!

Arguable—including by members of the Church itself.
Thank you for that interesting link.
The Catholic Church is indeed multi- or international. It is not, however, a corporation. It's role is spiritual, not financial. One should take that econmist's view slightly tongue cheek, but also realize there are valid points if one doesn't take them
Iterally. One should run things in a business-like manner (eg: efficiently and service or goal-oriented) whether or not one runs a "business" as such. I like to think I run my practice that way, without ever losing sight that the end is care of patients, not my bank account.