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Beware the Ides of March

In Ireland the months of spring are February, March and April. We are now practically in the middle of March. One would expect to experience some spring weather, but, no, today in the "sunny south east" of Ireland we have the coldest, windiest, wet and even snowy weather. Temperatures are below zero.

Julius Caesar was once told to beware the ides of March. I have been frustrated by this March and I want it to be over. Even the beautiful spring flowers that have dared to put up their little heads have been lashed by the cold bitter winds, poor things, and lie scattered and broken. Shame.

Forecaster Vincent O'Shea says that the extremely cold weather will linger until Thursday at the earliest. "We are in an unseasonable cold snap. Ice and frost are going to be the main feature but sleet and snow are highly likely in many areas," he said. "As much as 10cms of snow could fall in the Wicklow mountains, with a more modest 3cms expected in west Dublin. Wexford and Waterford are also in for tough weather conditions in the coming days".


I'm afraid the forecast is not good at least for the next few days.
I saw the title of this post about three times before I didn't read 'Ideas of March'.

I may have been tired last night. Also, I may have a title for a short story...
Good luck with your short story
We received two inches of snow overnight here in the deep south of England and it's bitterly cold and bitingly windy- what my old gran used to call a 'lazy wind' (can't be bothered to blow round you, so it just blows straight through you).

Spring? Huh................
However, St. Patrick's Day is on the way!
Yeah, it's just miserable, isn't it? Roll on spring!!