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"Go, Francis, and repair my Church in ruins".

From a General Audience Address of Pope Benedict XVI, on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, 2010:

"And Christ said, "Go, Francis, and repair my Church in ruins". This simple occurrence of the word of God heard in the Church of St Damian contains a profound symbolism. At that moment St Francis was called to repair the small church, but the ruinous state of the building was a symbol of the dramatic and disquieting situation of the Church herself. At that time the Church had a superficial faith which did not shape or transform life, a scarcely zealous clergy, and a chilling of love. It was an interior destruction of the Church which also brought a decomposition of unity, with the birth of heretical movements. Yet, there at the centre of the Church in ruins was the Crucified Lord, and he spoke: he called for renewal, he called Francis to the manual labour of repairing the small Church of St Damian, the symbol of a much deeper call to renew Christ's own Church, with her radicality of faith and her loving enthusiasm for Christ."


Ah, so you also see the naming as being for Francis of Assisi not Francis Xavier?

The latter would be way too divisive for anyone trying to reach out, I suspect.
Yes, I think so. Although all saints in their lifetime are called in some way to be engaged in the building up of the church, in the present crisis I think the emphasis must be on Europe rather than at the margins.
This is a good metaphor. I think Francis was a good choice.