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St. Patrick's Bridge

At Kilmore Quay, a fishing village on the Wexford coast near me, there is a natural stone causeway reaching out from the shore. Although St. Patrick probably never set foot in the area the causeway is called "St. Patrick's Bridge". It stretches out below the surface towards the small now uninhabited Saltee Islands and has been the cause of many a wreck down through the years.

While the area is a magnet for shoals of small baitfish and sandeel, with the rocky ground a haven for crab, gobies and small eels, not much notice is given to deep sea wreck fishing. This in a place where some very large vessels within which some very large fish must reside, have been wrecked.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.



And to you too. I remember being taking here, as a very small child, almost certainly too young to appreciate the wild beauty of the place.

Thank you for sharing, & making a small memory for me.
Thank you. Isn't it a beautiful spot. I have never been to the Saltees. I must get out there between now and summer.
Fascinating - and.yes, looks.like a great fishing spot.