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Beyond the Black Stump

Some months ago my grandniece (20) finished her studies. Like only too many young Irish people at present she, with some friends, decided to seek employment opportunities (and some new experiences) in Australia. They stayed for a while in Perth where one of my nephews lives with his family. But more recently they decided to travel further east taking in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Running out of money my grandniece decided to look for work. Way out beyond Blackall, in the centre west of Queensland, 1,000 kms from Brisbane, a large rancher (30,000 acres) needed someone to teach his 11 year old daughter as there are no schools in that area. Although his wife was a trained teacher she wasn't making much headway with her own daughter. My grandniece took up the challenge  -  she wouldn't be a grandniece of mine if she couldn't!

This has opened up a whole new life-experience for her and she appears to be settling in and enjoying it despite it being in the outbush. Apparently if a foreigner spends 3 months in such a remote place they automatically qualify to live another year in Australia. This is what she would wish to do. I wish her well in her new life.


that sounds wonderful, what an amazing woman your grandniece is! x
I don't think I'd fancy it myself.
What an adventure for her!
Yes, it is too. I hope she is enriched (not necessarily literally) by the experience.
Good for her
Yes indeed.
Do you think she may end up staying in Oz?

A couple of friends of mine went traveling down there and never bothered coming back. :o)
I would nearly bet on it that we have seen the last of our dear Sarah. At least I probably have