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Wind, Rain and Snow

Did you get caught in the rain and snow yesterday? There is nothing quite like being able to get home and out of your damp clothes and relax... but what if you didn't have a home?

This thought struck me as I sat comfortably at home all day doing the crossword and listening to what was happening across Europe. Please spare a thought for those who may not have a home to go to on an occasion like that. One feels helpless when one sees others somewhere else struggling.



Как вы там? Из-за отмены футбола у нас рассказали о вашей погоде, паршивой, насколько можно судить. Здесь тоже не сахар, мороз до минус 20, но хоть снега пока нет, только обещают.
Держитесь, весна придет!

How are you? Due to the cancellation of football, we talked about your weather, lousy, judging. Here, too, no sugar, cold as minus 20, but at least there is no snow, just promise.
Hold on, spring is coming!
Thank you. Yes, we live in hope!!
Вот и не знаю, следует ли Европе привыкать к чему-то новому, или этот погодный бред скоро рассосётся?

Don't know really, should Europe accomodate to the weather disasters, or all this mess will be gone in few years...