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Have we seriously lost the plot!

An Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) website, funded by the State and directed at young teenagers, is offering tips on how to enjoy "threesomes". Under a picture of the intertwined feet of three people in a bed, it advises: "Threesomes can involve any combination of guys and gals. They often consist of a couple experimenting with another person outside of their relationship."

Describing how the sexual encounter "can be really exciting and fun", teenagers are told the upsides of participating in a three-in-a-bed romp. The website says: "It's fun. Threesomes are pretty exciting things. People usually really enjoy them. It's a sexual adventure. Threesomes are usually a once in a lifetime or an occasional experience.

"It spices things up. Some couples say that even one threesome experience injects serious passion into their bedroom shenanigans."

But the website also warns of "the jealousy monster" and says that "your partner might feel jealous afterwards no matter how much you tried to divide your time equally between the two people".

The website later tries to justify its attitude: http://www.spunout.ie/?gclid=CMCb9--3lrYCFU6K4Qodai0At


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That's it! I'm moving to Ireland!

Edited at 2013-03-24 23:06 (UTC)
We won't allow foreigners to highjack the whole facility!
I learned today that a local couple had separated. They had a threesome. He preferred the other woman.
A lecherous ol' divil! But teens?
I have trouble enough concentrating on one partner so thanks, but no thanks! :o)