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The New Chinese 'Royalty'

One of our local newspapers today features the wife of China's president, Xi Jinping. This is something new as earlier first ladies in China did not appear in public very much. Peng Liyuan is quite an eye stopper and apparently has been more famous than her husband in China. She is a singer. The pair are on a formal visit to some countries in Africa at present.

Just before Xi Jinping was appointed general secretary of the Communist Party of China in 2012 he made a landmark visit to Ireland. I don't think her ladyship was with him on that occasion. His appearance here created quite a stir. He tried his hand at our national game of hurling and visited a farming family in Tipperary.


Peng-Liyuan 2


This isn't on your entry's subject, but you may enjoy this tidbit concerning the new Pope:


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