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Irish - United States Links

In June we here in Wexford annually celebrate the Commodore John Barry Maritime Festival. Barry, from Tacumshin, was the founder of the U.S. Navy.

This year is also the 50th anniversary of the visit to his ancestral home in New Ross of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

We are hoping that an American Aircraft Carrier (such as the USS George H.W. Bush, below) will visit our shores for the occasion.

USS Aircraft Carrier


Hadn't realized Barry was Irish. Would be awesome if an aircraft carrier did visit to commemorate. There used to be a USS John F. Kennedy, which would have been very appropriate to make the 50th anniversary visit, but was decommissioned 5 years ago. (The name is reserved for a future aircraft carrier, but it's not built yet.)
Yes, Tacumshin is a small townsland near us here in Wexford town. We have a fine statue of John Barry on the quay. Kennedy visited it and laid a wreath in 1963.
A very dear friend of mine (who is of Irish descent, at least partially) is a nuclear reactor technician in the Navy; he was aboard the venerable USS Enterprise on her final voyage, and is now part of the decomissioning and disassembly process. He said he may be assigned to the George H. W. Bush for his next cruise... but I don't think they're going to be done with the Enterprise by this June :-(
Interesting. Aren't they fantastic ships. I would love to board one of them - maybe come June!!
I've been aboard a couple of different Navy ships on visiting days, but so far not on an aircraft carrier. If I get a chance to visit my friend and his wife while he's still on shore duty, I may get to see a carrier; not the Enterprise - she's already being cut up for scrap, and her nuclear reactors carefully made safe for removal - but there must be all sorts of other ships in a large port such as the one he's stationed at. Obviously, if I do, I'll post about it in my LJ :-)