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Fair Trade Chocolate for Easter

“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.”
- Dom Helder Camara.

A timely reminder. It is estimated 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from West Africa and that about 2 million children in West Africa are involved in the industry and some are forced or trafficked. A Fair Trade Easter Campaign advocates the purchasing, sales and consumption of ethically produced chocolate at Easter time. Several well-known brands of chocolate including Cadbury and Nestle, I understand, use ethically sourced chocolate. By buying chocolate made from cocoa beans that are certified by such as Fair Trade,  you ensure there is no forced labour or trafficked labour on cocoa plantations.

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Helpful initiative!

Wow! What a great initiative!
I truly respect people, who invented such good thing as Fair Trade.
Because we, people, have to think about genesis of products we use. And we have to ve careful with some products, especially from poor and wild barbarian countries, like african, south american, asian, - where still is economic slavery, tough exploitation and other wilderness.

Thank you for information. It's pity, that we don't have similar movement here, in Russia. But we would. I hope, we would.

Re: Helpful initiative!

Happy Easter! Yes, we are slowly, if late, beginning to see what has been happening in poor regions. They have been exploited for so long.
My Meeting House runs a fair trade stall and it's amazing how many products are now available other than chocolate. :o)
The scandal of the varieties of slavery in Africa (and other parts of the world, including the U.S.) just keeps increasing all the time.

We don't consumer chocolate here at casa Vaquero. But that's not particularly about virtue. It's that neither of us has much of a sweet tooth. We surely get all the sugar we need via beer and wine!

Love, C.
Good on you you both!
I have been to Tesco down the road. It is amazing how much chocolate stuff line their shelves. Families must live on chocolate. God help the children - and their poor (literally) parents.
I know. It's no wonder the population is getting fatter. When I was a kid, only sweet shops and newsagents sold sweets, so you have to make a separate trip. Instead of whole aisles of crisps, sweets and chocolate, there was one small counter with some big jars of sweets on the shelves at the back that you had to ask to be weighed out.
Kids seem to live on them nowadays. But the grown-ups are nearly worse!