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Hannah, Alyssa, Carol

My niece and 2 grand-nieces in a recent stage production of The Sound of Music.

allysa carol5

The original film cast .... and 45 years later:

von Trapps


I think it must be the children. But the story itself is also very charming.
A few years ago, my wife and her sisters saw the movie at San Francisco's Castro Theater, with the audience singing along, or hissing whenever the Countess showed up.
As a russian, I'd say, that it's nice to see all this people alive after 45 years. And still so joyfull too!
It would be nice to hear them sing a few of the pieces from the 'Sound of Music' again, wouldn't it?
May be! I don't know this "Sound of Music". I've seen just two pictures with rows of happy persons, the same after a lot of years! It's already incredibly nice. )